Wood To Eat Off Of

On Saturday I spent the day looking for a dining room table with my friend Hayley who is moving into her new home. She was looking for something unique that could seat more than 6 people for a big open space extending into the kitchen. Having known Hayley’s affinity for the mountains, I figured Urban Hardwoods would be up her alley.  I got my coffee table came from them and every piece of wood that they sell is uniquely shaped and absolutely beautiful; the hardware follows suit.  On the way to their Velencia store (they share space with Fine Arts Optical in the Mission), we realized that the block between 19th and 20th on Velencia is a hidden gem for furniture and home decor.  We found an extendable walnut dining table at Acacia, a a mom-and-pop shop that sells handmade furniture imported from an amish curator in Pennsylvania. There we also saw an unfinished marble table that we really liked, but it was less practical and too small for the space.  We stopped in at Aldea where Hayley found a sleek metal bar cart, cool lighting fixtures, plant ideas, and a bunch of knick knacks for the home.

Excuse the photos – all we had was an iphone 😉


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