Villa Champignon Pearl: Good living on the water

Next stop is Copenhagen.  The Villa Champignon Pearl Houseboat is a quirky and unique place to stay if you’re making your way through Denmark (which I hope to do in July).  Heidi made great use of the space, fitting the beds underneath the low, sloped ceilings and building an outdoor living area on the deck. The living room is fun for children and big kids alike.  I love the hopscotch on the floor and the numbered wall paper, which make the boathouse more playful, and my favorite design element is the silver textured wall.

I like that Heidi used contrasting colors throughout the boat (i.e. the orange drawers next to the blue pots).  She hung a delicate chandelier above the rustic wooden table and next to the metal spiral staircase leading upstairs. She personalized the room with movie posters above the couch and made it comfortable and inviting with a sheep skin on the chair. I have a few sheep skins in my house – they’re fluffy and conveniently warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  


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