The Pig

In my 2 weeks of funemployment after I left Google, I was squatting at my friend’s house and temporarily using her address for my mail.  I was expecting to get a few letters and maybe some new-hire paperwork, but one day I turned up and there was a large box waiting for me in the laundry room.  Large is an understatement – It was massive and I had no idea who or where it came from.  I opened it and was very surprised to find a florescent pink painting of a pig and a little Asian girl. For context, I hate pink and before this I would have never used the color in my house. On top of that, I had no idea where the painting came from and who would send me a picture of an Asian girl holding a knife, preparing to slaughter a pig.  After looking at it for a few minutes in question I laughed at the irony, the first sign that I could like this weird and random painting.  Turns out, it was a housewarming gift from my friend Laura who has been living in Hong Kong.  She picked it out because it resembled artwork that I liked when we were traveling together in Bali (pictures of Laura and that gallery are posted below.) What a nice gesture! The thought of her sending a surprise gift for my new home made my so happy; it made me excited to hang the painting in my apartment.  I got creative and painted black and white stripes in the bathroom to go behind the painting.  After hanging it up, I loved it! I love the fact that Laura sent it to me; I love the ironic knife; and I even love the pink.

Tip: You can make anything work. Seemingly *ugly* pieces are the ones that stand out and the ones that people remember.  They are the things that people reference when they say “only you could pull that off”.


  1. Jenny says: - reply

    I never knew that it was from Laura! I think it was especially perfect when it was in my bathroom 😉

  2. Tess says: - reply

    The DIY stripes are impressive! Do you plan to blog about how you did it?

    I’d love a close up of the girl and the pig. I thought it was Botero….

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