We talked about faux animal heads, but what about real ones? I’ve never been a fan of traditional taxidermy but I’m starting to make some exceptions.  There is a store on Velencia in the Mission called Paxton Gate that offers books and home products inspired by the natural sciences. They have an awesome selection of air plants, shells, sandollars, petrified wood, and taxidermic decor.  I really liked the framed butterflies and beetles because of the iridescent colors in the wings.  I saw the most impressive beetles at a house party in the mission – they were up to 5 inches long and looked beautiful, especially because they were behind a frame 😉  These can be found at flea markets and second hand stores, but often the frames aren’t very nice. If you find a good deal for a nice bug, you may consider re-framing it.

My other new obsession is a taxidermic peacock  I saw one at Kingswood in the West Village and then my friend was considering buying an albino peacock for her house.  We found one on display in a boutique on 16th and Valencia, which incited our search.  The store owner said they are typically sold for ~$3,000 which neither of us could justify for a dead animal.  However, I found information about peacock farms online. After the peacocks pass naturally, they stuff and preserve them and sell them for about half the price.  It’s still a big commitment that I have yet to make, but they are so elegant and would definitely be a statement piece in a home.  


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    War II. These days, it’s popping up evwrheyere, seen in retail—both Urban Outfitters and West Elm offer paper and plastic imitations of horn mounts and animal trophies, while Juicy Couture is using

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