In floral arrangements, weddings bouquets, patios, bathrooms, or sidewalk gardens, I love succulents. They are inexpensive and even more importantly, easy to upkeep. They also multiply, so you can steel a leif from one plant and re-grow it in a new environment, but don’t steel it from your neighbors… I’ve been tempted ;).  Planting succulent arrangements is a great DIY for the home.  You can get creative with the containers, by using mason jars, glass bulbs, or wooden boxes/crates as your planters. I’d recommend checking out IKEA or CB2 for inexpensive containers. If you choose to plant them in anything glass, you can also do fun things with the soil.  Remember sand art? Use sand instead of soil and layer different colors.  I’d probably stick with different shades of brown or grey, but if you like color, go for it!

Specialty stores (like Paxton’s Gate) sell a great arrangement of succulents, but you can find them for significantly cheaper at drug stores or home depot – mix and match!


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