Plants: The genus name is written first.

Plants are underrated in the home – they make a huge difference!  Aesthetically, they bring color and fill the room without being cluttered.  Beyond that, plants make air for us to breathe; they produce natural remedies for sickness and ailments; and some variations can be chopped up to make pesto! For a long time, I was a “grass-assin;” I killed every plant I owned with the exception of IKEA bamboo. Somehow when I moved to San Francisco, I found my green thumb and I’ve been able to keep all my plants alive.  My two tricks: 1) direct sunlight and 2) water them on Sundays.  All my plants are doing okay, including 2 orchids, notorious for being difficult to maintain.  

Tip: Consistency is key.  I chose Sunday because I usually come back from trips on Sunday night to start work on Mondays. Find what works for you.

Tip: Bamboo is really hard to kill.  If you can’t keep other plants alive swing by IKEA to pick up some green.  Read more about lucky bamboo here.

Tip: Home Depot has great plants and inexpensive pots that actually look pretty nice.  You can also ask the people working there for tips- the employees in every department at Home Depot are very knowledgeable from my experience.


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