Music to Your Eyes

Hanging in my living room is a piece of art made by Elin Babcock. Elin is part of a mini artist colony (or cooperative) in Ashland, Oregon, called Ashland Art Works, which is made up of local artists who share the cost and upkeep of the grounds.  The property (Oak Street Galleries) is adjacent to the plaza downtown, overlooks Neil Creek and is a great place to visit for artsy and civilized hippies. They feature and sell unique art installations for affordable prices.  

Elin is known for her work with old musical instruments and household items. I have a piece from her made out of an empty frame and refurbished violin parts and my parents have another piece that was made out of the violin case.  Elin has befriended the local instrument shop owner and uses their irreparable parts to make recycled art.  I think my dad was inspired by her work.  After a foolish fender-bender, he converted his old bumper into seating next to the fountain in my parent’s back yard.

DIY: If you’re feeling creative, you can make this a DIY.  Use your broken household items to make art.  Also check out the local secondhand store to see what you can find – mannequin hands, japanese fans, feathers, ribbon, etc. can be used to spruce up your new art project. 



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