Josh Wollowick: Miami Designer

I was recently introduced to Josh Wollowick’s work through a friend-of-a-friend connection in Philadelphia.  Josh has been designing on his own since 2009.  He won DCOTA’s “Stars of Design” Award, and has established himself as a force in the Miami residential market. If you have a high-end budget for interior design, you should definitely check him out (

I really like the way Josh pairs design elements and contrasts colors.  I love the blue tiles with the hint of yellow in the bathroom, the red/orange combined with royal blue, and the teal bedding with light brown walls in the bedroom.  I also like his use of wall-paper because it gives each of the rooms a unique feel.  I love that he pairs bold patterns together, like the black and white couch with the yellow and gray rug, which you have to do with caution but he does well.  A few of Josh’s bedrooms are a little over-the-top for my taste and might be better for a luxury hotel rather than a home.  I think more use of contrasting colors rather than matching colors would make the space less “perfect” and give it a more livable feel, although high-end residential clients tend to like this look and I think Josh does a good job with it.


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