Faux Animal Heads

I was warned that there would be criticism on Apartment Therapy in regards to the cow-hide, but I wasn’t expecting so many comments (good or bad) about the paper mache animal heads.  In all honesty, I don’t know what the hype is around faux animal heads either, but I like them for the time being.  My childhood friend’s step-dad was a hunter.  They had taxidermied heads all over their house and it freaked me out.  I liked the parody of fake heads when I saw them, as it reminded me of her.  Recently I’ve started to like the look of taxidermy.  Stay tuned for another post about the real stuff.

Back to these heads, my favorite is the giraffe because I spent my early years going to the Santa Barbara zoo to see the crooked necked giraffe and was pleased to find him still alive when I returned in college. I liked the look of the animals next to the masks on the adjacent wall, which are pictured below and will be featured in another post.  To note, I originally didn’t buy the heads because I thought I could make them myself, but realistically with a full-time job in the tech industry you don’t have time for paper mache.

Check out this House of Her post about taxidermy and faux taxidermy as art. I love the artwork and background of her blog, by the way.

Tip 1: If you have time, try to DIY, but sometimes you just need to give in and pay for convenience.

Tip 2: In a previous post I suggested a faux horse head to juxtapose antique horse carriage parts.  I like mixing antique and modern items.


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  1. Tess says: - reply

    Animal heads… facing your childhood fears? They look great in your place, with all that travel stuff.

    I have a couple of papier mache projects that I’ve done with my kid, and they are animals: a giraffe pencil cup, and a lion box. It’s a lot of fun, and they don’t take too long. Again another project that brings the Zen in me.

    Usually AT people go nuts over the painted furniture…

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