Damien Hirst

Now that we’re on the subject of preserved animals, let’s talk about an artist who has revolutionized the world of taxidermy, Damien Hirst.  Hirst is an english artist born in Bristol who came into the public eye in the 1990s for his scientific and nature-based artwork.  While his work is somewhat controversial, Hirst has created incredible installations using animals such as sharks, zebras, cows, doves, beetles, and butterflies.  He was featured in an excellent exhibit last year called retrospective.  the most popular solo show in the history of the Tate Modern, drawing close to half a million visitors.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to have a Hirst original in your home (read here about people who did invest) but there are other ways to display his work.  The Tate sold a variety of exhibit posters that would look awesome framed and hung next to each other (see my old entry about museum posters)  You can also purchase awesome coffee table books about your favorite art exhibits.  Check out Damien Hirst’s work below.


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