Christina Antonio, Leather Artisans

After our tour of Cafeteria, I spent some time chatting with Dana (of and her friend Christina Antonio ( who specializes in leather architectural applications for residential and commercial interiors – so fitting. Christina’s roots were planted in fashion and clothing design. After working on leather outerwear and accessories for 7 years, she was commissioned to craft a custom leather storefront and hasn’t turned back from interiors.  Her client list is impressive and her work can be found in luxury hotels and and private homes mainly in New York and London.  I enjoyed the leather cushioned ceilings of the Standard Hotel this week and I love the leather-covered mannequin torsos featured at the East Hampton Country club. Below are the leather desk accessories from Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro exhibition. The coolest stuff, however, is private residential.  One of Christina’s favorite projects was the cobalt blue eel skin wall (pictured below).  An accent wall can make all the difference to liven up a room but this takes it to the next level.  I love! 

Leather is perfect if you’re trying to capture a rustic feel.  Don’t be afraid to let it weather because it can be even nicer when it’s worn than when it starts out new. Let your leather age along with your finest wines.


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