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This post is for parents who love their children, and love that their children make art, but don’t love their children’s art. My parents had a lot of artwork that we made for them but didn’t necessarily want to clutter the house with painted handprints, drawings, and unidentifiable clay sculptures. So they made art with our art.  My dad did an awesome job at framing a clay handprint from my sister in a 3D frame.  He used a painting with three of my handprints as the background in a sleek black frame that looked nice with the rest of the decore and brought in something special from both his daughters.  My mother’s friend made a mosaic; she glued small pieces of mirror, buttons, and ribbon in patterns around the art that her son had given her to make a large frame around a full-length mirror.  You can get creative with this – use frames, sponge metallic paint (gold/silver/bronze), mirror pieces, tiles etc. and don’t be afraid to cut apart your child’s artwork for the greater good (I’d suggest you make sure that’s okay with your son/daughter first to avoid a tantrum). 

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    Also: beware of cleaning ladies who turn my 3-year-old hand into a rocking 3-year-old hand

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