Before and After Kitchen

Check out the before and after feature of Kyle’s kitchen remodel on Apartment Therapy.  Kyle and I worked together at Google.  We naturally continued our 1:1s after I left to talk about furniture, flea markets, and interior design, the topics we’d often end up on even when we were supposed to be talking about tech talks, engineers, and campus ambassadors – typical.  When Lindsey from AT was looking for referrals, Kyle was the first person who came to mind.

Kyle shares the same genes as her handy man; alongside a structural engineer, her father worked magic to remodel her kitchen. They opened up the space, made it brighter and whiter, and embraced the shabby chic, Kyle’s signature look. My favorite, is the barn door she used to hide her pantry.  

Keep an eye out for more from Kyle.  Hopefully she’ll be posting on Trōv soon too! 



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