Alemany Flea Market

Check out the Alemany Flea market on Sundays in Bernal Heights, San Francisco.  The market is free to enter and antique vendors bring out their new finds every week.  Yesterday I went with Kathy and Lindsay and found a few treasures for my trov.  I snagged a Hamilton type case for $10 (These commonly go for $50-$80 on ebay).   I like the wood finish with the old drawer handle, but if you’re looking for a modern twist, Homespun posted great DIY tips on how to turn one of these drawers into a new jewelry display.  Use it for earings or hang it on your wall to display miniature trinkets.  If you’re using it as a display, don’t clutter it by filling all the slots.  Space them out and choose objects that compliment each other.

I also found old harness parts for a horse-pulled plow, which I’ll turn into a key rack and hang next to my front door.  When you’re displaying objects like these, it’s fun to pair them with ironic or modern decorations that juxtapose your antiques.  In this case, a cardboard horse head, a statue (Turk & Lilac), or horse wall paper (Thorny Eternity) might be fun.  Lilly Pond did the horse theme right – she might have some ideas.

Finds: a hamilton wood drawer shadowbox and horse harness used for pulling a plow

Tips: You’ll find the best treasures if you show up at 7am, but by the end of the day vendors are a little more giving and you can get a better deal.  Always bargain!

DIY: Homespun Antique Printer Tray to Jewelry Display

100 Alemany Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Bernal Heights

Hours: 7am-3pm


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