I’ve always found airbnb to be a useful service when traveling to new places.  Recently, I discovered it as a tool for interior design ideas, which is fitting given that many of my treasures come from my travels.  My next few posts will be about spaces that stood out to me on airbnb.  Maybe they’ll inspire design; maybe they’ll inspire travel – either way, I’ve done my job.

If you are visiting Tel Aviv, Israel, consider renting Odelia’s Trieste luxuries suite neve tzedek.  I think I would love this apartment even before she added anything.  The worn stone finish on the interior walls gave her a beautiful canvas to start her design.  Israeli architecture dates back as far as the 4th millenium BCE (in Jerusalem, at least). Arguably, the most historical country in the world, is home to a modern hub for amazing food, culture, beaches and nightlife. Odelia has done a great job juxtaposing the aged walls in her apartment with modern art and decor, which in my mind is symbolic of Israel itself.  

Odelia’s chandeliers and silver serving trays are classy and feminine.  She brought out some color with the rugs, floral throw pillows, and turquoise stool. The floor lamp adds a rustic look and the swing offers a playful seating option that doesn’t take up any floor space. The many mirrors reflect light and open up a small living space to make it appear bigger. The glass doors lead outdoors to a quaint patio that feels homey.  I love everything about this space! 



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