Dream Catchers, Kokopellis, and Native Things

I have a lot of Native American artwork in my home, not because of my ancestry but because I like the look and meaning behind it.  You’ll notice spearheads, rattles, antlers, and pictures of Native American historical figures in my living room and 3 dream catchers in and around my bedroom, one of which I got as a child and inspired my latest tattoo.

Growing up, we often road-tripped up to Ashland, Oregon to visit my grandparents.  Naturally, our favorite activity was shopping in the plaza.  While I loved the jewelry section in Rare Earth and my sister preferred the vintage costume store, my mom’s favorite was American Trails – she was rockin’ Kokopelli earings far before it became a trend (also before she realized that kokopelli brought fertility – the last thing she needed was another brat with an alternate store preference.)

American Trails is now an online store, but keep an eye out for American Indian finds when you travel within the US.  If you’re visiting wine country for example, check out The American Indian Trading Company in Calistoga, “an undiscovered gem” for native finds.  And if you’re really into the art and jewelry, I’ve heard great things about the regular flea markets and the annual Indian Market in Sante Fe, not only from the owner of AITCo, but also a vintage clothing reseller whom I met at Artist and Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I’m planning a trip to Sante Fe with my mom strategically around this market (August 12-18th).


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